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Last Update: 2019/11/26

The genetic evaluation and monitoring of molecular and biotechnological factors that influence the growth performance of Danube sturgeons species, reared in intensive recirculating systems
Marieta Costache
UNIBUC - University of Bucharest (Romania)
NA - Osetra Farm SRL (Romania)NA - SC Kaviar House SRL Filiala Tulcea (Romania)UDJG - University of Galati (Romania)
€ NA
The Danube sturgeon species are among the most valuable species, since there is a large demand on the global market for both the meat and the caviar. Since the wild populations are almost depleted, the current efforts look towards developing the aquaculture system for sturgeons in Romania as an alternative measure to reduce the pressure through overfishing. Our project aims to identify, investigate and monitor the biomolecular and biotechnological factors with the potential to influence the productive performance of Danube sturgeon species, reared in aquaculture, in intensive recirculating systems, in order to increase the profitability and competitiveness of this activity. Danube genitors used for reproduction and their progeny obtained in the first generations as a result of the controlled cross-breeding under artificial condition will be characterized from genetic and physiological point of view. The effect of different stress factors (temperature, nutrients, etc.) in intensive aquaculture system will be evaluated at physiological, biochemical and molecular level and, as a result, the optimum biotechnological parameters required for the improvement of adaptability to stress, survival and rearing rates for the Danube sturgeons in aquaculture setting will be evaluated. The progeny lines with superior biological characteristics will be selected for feature exploitation. As a result, an improoved technology for reproduction and rearing of Danube sturgeons will be elaborated.
Genetic; Recirculating systems; Fish;
Black Sea (GSA 29)
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