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Last Update: 2018/03/29

Sea Food Processing
Applying novel biotechnological tools to utilize compounds isolated from the red algae S. coronopifolius as eco-friendly Antifouling Agents
Antonios Makris
CERTH-INAB - Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas; Institute of Applied Biosciences (Greece)
NA - Ege University; Faculty of Fisheries (Turkey)UI - University of Iceland (Iceland)UBO - University of Western Brittany (France)
€ 512,400
Bromosphaerol, isolated from the red alga S. coronopifolius, is one of the most active antifoulants tested to date, showing an impressive Therapeutic Ratio (TR) of 434.78, whereas its toxicity towards nauplii is relatively low (LC50 = 3.63 mg/L). The TR, which is the ratio of LC50/EC50, is commonly used as a yardstick of the potential antifouling activity of a compound. It has been suggested that only small molecules with a TR>50 and an EC50 < 5 mg/L against both hard and soft foulers should be considered as an antifouling agent. The project will unfold integrated actions aiming to alleviate the production bottleneck of bromosphaerol. This will be achieved through: 1. Expanding cultivation efforts of S. coronopifolius and optimizing conditions for maximal productivity of bromosphaerol; 2. Understanding in depth diterpene biosynthesis in S. coronopifolius so as to reconstitute it in vitro and in heterologous production model organisms (E. coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
Algae; Antifouling;
Not associated to marine areas
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