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Last Update: 2019/11/26

AQUAculture USEr driven operational Remote Sensing information services
Marnix Laanen
Water Insight - Water Insight BV (Netherlands)
Deltares - Deltares institute (Netherlands)DHI GRASS - DHI Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S (Denmark)DHI - DHI Group A/S (Denmark)NIVA - Norwegian Institute for Water Research (Norway)PML - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (United Kingdom)SGM - Sagremarisco-Viveiros de Marisco Lda (Portugal)FC/UL - University of Lisbon; Faculty of Sciences (Portugal)VU-IVM - Vrije University Amsterdam; Institute for Environmental Studies (Netherlands)
€ 3,214,775
The EU-funded project AQUA-USERS will provide the aquaculture industry with user-relevant and timely information based on the most up-to-date satellite data and innovative optical in-situ measurements. The key purpose is to develop an application that brings together satellite information on water quality and temperature with in-situ observations as well as relevant weather prediction and met-ocean data. The application and underlying database will be linked to a decision support system that includes a set of (user-determined) management options. Specific focus will be put on the development of indicators based on Earth observation data for aquaculture management including indicators for harmful algae bloom events. The methods and services developed within AQUA-USERS will be tested by the members of the user board, aquaculture companies and organisations representing different geographic areas and aquacultural production systems. The main objectives of the AQUA-USERS project are to: Provide user-relevant and timely information to aquaculture industries based on Earth observation data and innovative optical in-situ measurements Develop an application that integrates EO information on water quality and temperature and in-situ observations of water quality, temperature and ecological parameters Develop aquaculture-related indicator systems Develop multi-criteria analysis methods for aquaculture management The strategic objectives are to: Set up innovative commercial geo-information services for marine aquaculture companies Develop sustainable value-adding services based on Copernicus satellite data Contribute to the sustainability of the aquaculture industry in sensitive near-shore coastal areas
Aquaculture industry; Aquaculture management; Water quality;
Not associated to marine areas
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