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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Aquaculture Smart and Open Data Analytics as a Service
Steven Davy
WIT - Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland)
NA - Ardag Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd (Israel)NA - GRAMMOS SA (Greece)IJS - Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)NA - NIORDSEAS SL (Spain)NA - Olokliromena Pliroforiaka Sistimata (Greece)NA - Q-Validus Limited Ltd (Ireland)UNINOVA - Uninova-Instituto De Desenvolvimento De Novas Tecnologias-Associacao (Portugal)
€ 3,109,077.5
AQUASMART’s objective is to enhance innovation capacity to the aquaculture sector, by addressing the problem of global knowledge access and data exchanges between aquaculture companies and its related stakeholders. Offering aquaculture production companies the tools to access and share global open data and strong data analytics in a multi-lingual, multi-sector and cross-border setting strengthens their competitiveness and growth potential. Experienced research institutes that participate in the consortium as technology suppliers and will transfer their solutions to the aquaculture stakeholders in the consortium. The data collected in the AQUASMART open data cloud is suitable to be reused in other industrial domain if needed, (e.g., environmental or transportation data), providing a cross-sectorial setting to the provided solution. The AQUASMART multi-lingual adaptive eTraining program, assures that staff receive the proper training and assures the transfer of the AQUASMART innovations are sustainable. AQUASMART will have a very positive impact on the environment by helping companies to better estimate daily biomass, optimize feeding rates and management practices. This will improve the FCR (Feed Conversion Rate), which means less feed will be provided to the fish and therefore, less organic material and energy are consumed for the production of the feed. AQUASMART also helps the companies to reduce mortalities, which will have a further positive impact on environment. On the social level, AQUASMART contributes to the development of highly skilled workforce through online training programs. The improvement of the efficiency and profitability of the businesses, together with the reduction of the environmental impact will contribute to the increase of the production and the generation of new jobs in the sector. The Objectives of AQUASMART are ambitious, challenging and will seek to bring cutting edge technology closer to the market for use by fish farmers and their supply chain across Europe. Obj.1 Technology transfers in multilingual data collection, analytics solutions and services. Obj. 2 Implement a State of Art Multilingual Open Data framework that companies can use to seamlessly access global data and take more knowledgeable decisions using multi-lingual information. Obj. 3 Promote best practices for aquaculture production management. Obj. 4 Develop innovations in the aquaculture sector tackling the new opportunities to access global data. Obj. 5 Deliver state of the art services, for seamless access and management of the open data in the cloud, and for the delivery and management of the training activities and material. Obj. 6 Develop a training programme and training activities, 1) focusing in the ICT developers, responsible for the development of the adapters between the native data sources and the open big data cloud, and 2) focusing on the stakeholders and end users of the new open big data cloud. Obj. 7 Deliver Reference Model for Open Data in Aquaculture. Obj. 8 Engage with a cross-sectorial, multi-lingual user community around EU open data, suggesting aquaculture open datasets, and sharing the AQUASMART applications. Obj. 9 Develop a Data Management Plan (DMP) for aquaculture industry related open data.
Aquaculture development; Aquaculture industry;
Not associated to marine areas
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