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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Sea Food Processing
Billigst fra mær til marked med kvalitetslaks
Fridrik Sigurdsson
€ 526,315.78
Hav Line AS is a company that intend to build , own and operate one or more boats for pumping of live salmon and trout , harvesting , packing and transport of salmon and trout to selected markets. The reason for the pilot project is a study of INAQ AS showing that there is a significant potential for cost reductions by slaughtering, packing and transport at sea. In addition to reducing costs , there are several advantages associated with the use of the slaughtering vessel: - Quality - Fewer operations. The fish should be handled immediately after slaughtering , resulting in less stress and therefore less loss, better fish health and improved quality of the final product. - Environment. Using slaughtering vessel will reduce to usage of trailer transportation and customers that wnats to process the salmon can get their deliveries in plastic fish tubs. - Sales and Marketing . Since that the process is much faster than the current solution will customers be able to deliver fresher fish in the market than what is the case today . This results in longer shelf life. Asking bids for construction of the boat will issued soon, with the modifications and results that are achieved so far.
Salmon; Slaughtering systems ; Packaging;
Not associated to marine areas
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