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Last Update: 2019/11/26

New technologies for sustainable farming of Atlantic salmon in semi-closed systems - AquaDome as a full scale test platform
Karl Fredrik Ottem
cermaq - Cermaq Norway AS (Norway)
€ 1,263,157.89
Sea-lice and escapes are considered as challenges for the fish farming industry and raise concerns and debate among the public and in society as a whole when it comes to sustainability. One way of reducing these challenges is to farm fish in closed systems, and many have strong opinions that fish-farming in closed systems are the only way to achieve a future sustainable aquaculture industry. This project aims to realize the AquaDome - a new system for farming of salmon. The system is semi-enclosed which makes it escape proof and free of sea-lice infections as no sea-lice are introduced or spread. The AquaDome is thus considered a sustainable alternative to farming in open net-cages. The project will provide new technological solutions in relation to the control and monitoring of the aquatic environment inside the AquaDome, the use of new types of material and new design, as well as generate knowledge and experience in terms of operating procedures and manuals. New technological solutions and know how will facilitate the achievement of both an environmentally and economically sustainable future commercial production of salmon, at the same time not compromising fish health and welfare. The project is divided into six work packages distributed across several themes; from design and installation, monitoring, control and operation of the AquaDome to fish health, fish welfare, economics, project leadership and dissemination. It is a three year project and collaboration between the industry partners Cermaq, AKVAgroup, MSC and NCE Aquaculture and with Nofima and the University of Nordland as R&D partners.
Aquaculture industry; Salmon; Escapes; Sustainability;
Not associated to marine areas
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