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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Toxicological evaluation, test methods and identification of the source organism
Jane Kilcoyne
MI - Marine Institute (Ireland)
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€ 1,020,699
This project aims to strengthen the existing monitoring programme for shellfish toxins through (i) the elucidation of the source organism of azaspiracids; (ii) the clarification of relative and combined toxicities and the mode of action of analogues of azaspiracids and other lipophilic toxins; and (iii) the sustainable supply of AZA-calibrants in support of international efforts in the validation of quantitative test methods that can be used to refine, reduce and replace animal testing. The project is expected to strengthen the competitive position of the Irish bivalve shellfish industry, based on world-class science and food safety. It will provide a scientific basis for rationalising the biotoxin monitoring and risk management systems used in Ireland and the EU, thus supporting the sustainable growth of the shellfish industry while maintaining health and protection for shellfish consumers. It is also anticipated that the project will contribute to the strengthening of Irish research capacity through the formation of PhDs, and through exchange visits of scientists to national and international hosting laboratories involved in the project. This project is carried out under the Sea Change strategy with the support of the Marine Institute and the Marine Research Sub-programme of the National Development Plan 2007–2013, co-financed under the European Regional Development Fund.
Algal toxins; Mollusc; Monitoring; Shellfish; Bivalve; Impacts;
Celtic Sea North (27.VIIg) West of Ireland (27.VIIb) Southwest of Ireland-East (27.VIIj)
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