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Sea Food Processing
Biological effects of environmental pollution in marine coastal ecosystems
Thomas Lang
TI-FI - Thunen Institute; Institute of Fisheries Ecology (Germany)
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€ 4,000,000
The major objectives of the EU-funded project BEEP were to study and compare biological effects of contaminants in fish and bivalves from three major geographical areas: the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic. 30 partners from 12 European countries collaborated with the goal to develop, validate and calibrate a variety of biological effects techniques, ranging from measurements on the molecular to the individual levels. The vTI contributed to studies in the Baltic Sea. Further objectives of the project were to establish a European network of experts and to recommend techniques for application in national and international marine monitoring programmes. The project directly served the protection of the seas and their living resources. The associated gain in knowledge facilitates the consideration of sustainability aspects in the framework of the national and international marine environmental management policy. In addition, data were generated with relevance for a sustainable food quality and consumer health and safety. Cruises 2001-2003: annually 1 Cruise FRV "Walther Herwig III".
Monitoring; Pollution; Impacts;
Eastern English Channel (27.VIId) Southern North Sea (27.IVc) Central North Sea (27.IVb) Irish Sea (27.VIIa) Bristol Channel (27.VIIf) Western English Channel (27.VIIe) Celtic Sea North (27.VIIg) Celtic Sea South (27.VIIh) Bay of Biscay North (27.VIIIa) Northen North Sea (27.IVa) Skagerrak, Kattegat (27.IIIa) Bay of Biscay Central (27.VIIIb) East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga (27.IIId.28) Bothnian Sea (27.IIId.30) West of Gotland (27.IIId.27) Gulf of Finland (27.IIId.32) Archipelago Sea (27.IIId. 29) Southern Central Baltic-East (27.IIId.26) Southern Central Baltic-West (27.IIId.25) Baltic West of Bornholm (27.IIId.24) Sound, Belt Sea or Transition Area (27.IIIb,c) Faroes Grounds (27.Vb) Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland (27.VIa) Bothnian Bay (27.IIId.31) Rockall (27.VIb) West of Ireland (27.VIIb) Porcupine Bank (27.VIIc) Southwest of Ireland-East (27.VIIj) Southwest of Ireland-West (27.VIIk) Bay of Biscay Southern (27.VIIIc) Bay of Biscay offshore (27.VIIId) West of Bay of Biscay (27.VIIIe) Iceland Grounds (27.Va) Southeast Greenland (27.XIVb) Portuguese Waters (27.IXa,27.IXb) North of Azores (27.XIIa, 27.XIIb, 27.XIIc) Azores Grounds (27.Xa, 27.Xb) Norwegian Sea (27.IIa) Barents Sea (27.I) Northeast Greenland (27.XIVa) Spitzbergen and Bear Island (27.IIb) Southern Adriatic Sea (GSA 18) Corsica Island (GSA 8) Ligurian and North Tyrrhenian Sea (GSA 9) South Tyrrhenian Sea (GSA 10) Gulf of Lions (GSA 7) Sardinia (east) (GSA 11.2) Sardinia (west) (GSA 11.1) Northern Alboran Sea (GSA 1) Northern Spain (GSA 6) Balearic Island (GSA 5) Algeria (GSA 4) Alboran Island (GSA 2) Southern Alboran Sea (GSA 3) Southern Ionian Sea (GSA 21) Black Sea (GSA 29) Western Ionian Sea (GSA 19) Eastern Ionian Sea (GSA 20) Aegean Sea (GSA 22) Marmara Sea (GSA 28) Crete Island (GSA 23) North Levant (GSA 24) Cyprus Island (GSA 25) Levant (GSA 27) South Levant (GSA 26) Gulf of Gabes (GSA 14) Malta Island (GSA 15) South of Sicily (GSA 16) Gulf of Hammamet (GSA 13) Azov Sea (GSA 30) Northern Adriatic (GSA 17) Northern Tunisia (GSA 12)
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