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Last Update: 2018/03/29

Analysis of quality and ethics in feeding fish with plant derived lipid components for human consumption
Jana Pickova
SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
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€ 27,446
The health effect of eating fish is uncontradicted. The human demand of Salmonid fish is mainly fulfilled by a growing fish farming industry. The drawback is that it is mainly the carnivorous fish species that is demanded which makes the use of fish sources, protein and oil, the basic feed ingredients. The availability and supply of traditional fish-based raw ingredients is a limiting factor and a lot of attention has been paid to plant based sources as replacement. Fish oil replaced with plant oil will cause a change in biochemical composition of the fish feeds. The effect of plant lipids on flesh quality in fish is poorly investigated. Therefore there is an urgent need of understanding how these substances will be magnified or excreted in the fish tissues which are consumed by humans or which metabolites they will cause. Also, the welfare of animals farmed for consumption is an important issue. With the present application we aim at testing the effect of different levels of replacement by fish oil with plant oil in fish feed on rainbow trout. The quality of the flesh will be tested and the welfare of the fish towards novel feed formula will be tested.
Animal welfare; Fish; Fish meal replacement; Quality; Diets;
Not associated to marine areas
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