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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Enhancing the scientific contribution for fisheries assessment and advice
Christoph Stransky
vTI SF - Thunen Institute; Institute of Sea Fisheries (Germany)
NA - Not available (Not available)
€ 222,333
The Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute (vTI) Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries with its three fisheries institutes is firmly embedded in the regular assessment and advice processes of the ICES, the EU and other bodies. The European Commission financed the ADVICE-project concluding that there are too few scientists available to provide the advice needed by fisheries managers in the Community. Furthermore the scientists will have to meet new challenges dealing with ecosystem, social and economic issues in fisheries advice. To address these issues, a list of target species for the provision of scientific advice was drawn up. In the North Sea, the Baltic, Skagerrak and Kattegat the following priority target stocks were defined: Herring, plaice, sole, cod and horse mackerel. Outside these areas stocks of hake, blue whiting and Greenland halibut should be taken into consideration. Working groups: ICES: ASC, HAWG, NWWG, PGEGGS, PGHERS, RMC, WGBEAM, WGBFAS, WGBIFS, WGMEGS, WGMHSA, WGNPBW, WGNSSK. EU: STECF mixed fishery, STECF North Sea RAC.
Fish stocks; Fisheries management;
Southern North Sea (27.IVc) Southern Central Baltic-East (27.IIId.26) Southern Central Baltic-West (27.IIId.25) Sound, Belt Sea or Transition Area (27.IIIb,c)
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