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Sea Food Processing
Marine water quality information services
FP7 - Collaborative Project (generic)
SPACE – Space
Pierotti Stephane
ACRI-ST - ACRI-ST SAS (France)NA - ARGANS Limited (United Kingdom)NA - Brockmann Consult GmbH (Germany)DHI - Danish Hydraulic Institute; Water, Environment, Health (Denmark)DMI - Danish Meteorological Institute (Denmark)SYKE - Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)FMI - Finnish Meteorological Institute (Finland)DLR - German Aerospace Center (Germany)NERSC - Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (Russian Federation)NA - Planetek Italia SRL (Italy)PML - Plymouth Marine Laboratory (United Kingdom)RBINS - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Belgium)SatOC - Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Limited (United Kingdom)Starlab - Starlab Barcelona SL (Spain)NA - Water Insight BV (Netherlands)
€ 3,500,000
Water quality (WQ) is a focus of monitoring agencies and the public, and it is the subject of several European Directives and regional conventions. The AquaMar project will develop and provide downstream services, turning Marine Core Service products into WQ services, as demanded by the end user. The team is composed mainly of SMEs (70%) supported by key scientific partners. The objective is to create a reference technical and organizational body at European level for WQ services, organized as an open partnership. This will be achieved through methodological research extending the traditional WQ portfolio along five novel product lines, turning these into pre-operational services, including adaptation to MCS, and establishing a validation & quality evolution process and data model. This model will be used to evaluate the services with end users through service delivery trials, transferring the developed services to other services providers (SP) through a well-defined process (technical and organizational framework). The service portfolio includes: (1) Indicators for the reporting requirement of the Water Framework Directive and the European Marine Strategy; (2) Algal bloom forecasting; (3) Support to large scale marine infrastructures; (4) Services supporting the Bathing Water directive monitoring; (5) Aquaculture precision farming. This is complemented by research on methods for improved standard WQ products, geo-statistics, and distribution technologies, to be used across the service portfolio. In parallel, a validation and quality evolution strategy is developed and applied, including the services sustainability with regard to new space sensors. A user & customer board is steering the project, participating in the trials and providing feedback to the MCS, the validation and research activities. The aim is to prepare the ground for a sustainable continuation and growth of WQ services, starting from heritage of three GSE projects (CoastWatch, ROSES, MarCoast) comprising a baseline portfolio of standard WQ products, a European wide user base and SP network.
Indicators; Water quality; Sustainability;
Not associated to marine areas
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