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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Promotion of sustainable fishery in Northern Adriatic sea
Interreg III
Strand B
Not Available
Mario Richieri
NA - Not available (Croatia)NA - Not available (Slovenia)
€ 857,048
The ADRI.FISH. project arises from the necessity to find a solution to several problems to which the Northern Adriatic Sea fishery sector has to face, following a bottom-up approach. The Northern Adriatic Sea region represents a strategic area for the CADSES area, and operators of the Northern Adriatic Sea region have to face with economical and legislative barriers along with those due to different structures, languages and communities. These difficulties still are despite the geographical closeness (few Km) between the Italian and Balkan coasts and the common historical background, and are essentially due to the mutual lack of information about social and economical aspects. Furthermore, fishing activities of the Northern Adriatic Sea up to now do not satisfy European rules and regulations concerning sustainable fishing. Therefore, planning and managing activities in some extent should oriented upon alternative operators' income raise based on already existing potentialities in the area, in order to overcome the mayor costs deriving from the adaptation to the in force laws. The ADRI.FISH. project strategy is based on enhancing promotion, qualification and diversification of fishery activities co-ordinately in the two coasts, in order to give the chance to local enterprises to develop themselves and compete with other markets. The expected results after realization of project activities are: (1) Reduction of regional disparities emerged in the Adriatic area by the application of a common methodology which allow to operate in a co-ordinate way on planning instruments carried out by the public bodies involved, becoming a model for the whole CADSES area; (2) Flattening of disadvantages and handicap which come from marginal situations by promoting the permeability of boundaries and employment recovery especially for those scales of population characterised by social discomforts; (3) Facilitate strategic choices for Regional Administrations to edit programmes conceived to use resources and to co-ordinate fishery sector with the rest of economic activities; (4) Development of sectoral SMEs due on one hand from qualification and competitive improvement of fishing products and on the other hand from the restructuring and adjustment of fishing activities to European rules and to principles such as economic and environmental sustainability; (5) Set up of structural investments in the area focused on diminishing the existing differences between the sides of Adriatic Sea and on adjusting existing structure as a modern fishing activity requires; (6) Increase the know-how level of the Organizations and Public bodies that deals with instruction, training and research about fishing. The project is supposed to have social benefits, such as promoting employment in all the northern Adriatic area and optimising migratory flows by supplying efficient job opportunities that could improve the operators' standard of life.
Spatial planning; Fisheries management; Sustainability;
Northern Adriatic (GSA 17)
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