The available database comprises research projects in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Seafood Processing and Marine Biotechnology active in the time period 2003-2022.
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Last Update: 2018/03/29

Genomic in fish and shellfish: From research to aquaculture
FP6 - Coordination Action
Research for Policy Support
Patrick Prunet
INRA-SCRIBE - French National Institute for Agricultural Research; Station Commune de Recherches en Ichtyophysiologie Biodiversité et Environnement (France)
Genesis - Farm Animal Genetics and Genomics Faraday Partnership (United Kingdom)HCMR - Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Greece)IMR - Institute of Marine Research (Norway)VNIRO - Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (Russian Federation)CSIC - Spanish National Research Council (Spain)SYSAAF - Syndicat des Sélectionneurs Aquacoles et Avicoles Français (France)CCMAR-UAlg - University of Algarve; Centre for Marine Sciences (Portugal)UGOT - University of Gothenburg (Sweden)UoS - University of Stirling (United Kingdom)
€ 794,040
The objectives of AQUAGENOME are (i) to coordinate the ongoing and future national and international research projects in the field of genomics in fish and shellfish European aquaculture and support diffusion of genomic approaches within research laboratories; (ii) to enhance the transfer of information and knowledge towards the aquaculture industry.
Fish; Genetic; Shellfish;
Not associated to marine areas
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