The available database comprises research projects in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Seafood Processing and Marine Biotechnology active in the time period 2003-2022.
BlueBio is an ERA-NET COFUND created to directly identify new and improve existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market and find new ways of creating value from in the blue bioeconomy.

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Last Update: 2018/03/29

Sea Food Processing
Evaluation and Modelling of Benefits and Costs of Fish Welfare Interventions in European Aquaculture
FP6 - Specific Targeted Research Project
Research for Policy Support
Sunil Kadri
TNC - TransNational Consulting Partnership (Germany)
FGFRI - Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (Finland)Ifremer - French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (France)Nofima - Nofima Marin AS (Norway)NVI - Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Norway)DLO - Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (Netherlands)NA - University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)UoS - University of Stirling (United Kingdom)
€ 1,260,000
BENEFISH will explore the benefits and costs of welfare measures in aquaculture production systems. Our strategy is to define a widely applicable set of operational welfare actions and indicators that can be connected to measurable consequences in production and extended to effects on value chain and changes in consumer perception. BENEFISH will produce a scientific basis for comparing biological effects and monetary influences of various welfare measures by developing a high-level decision analysis model.
Animal welfare; Fish; Indicators; Market;
Not associated to marine areas
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