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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Bilat - Marine value creation - methodology for the pricing of fishing tourism services
Trude Borch
NORUT - Northern Research Institute (Norway)
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In the efforts from governments to secure an economically viable utilization of marine resources, it is important to secure the highest possible economic gain from different marine activities. As the development of marine tourism industry in Norway is not a very well planned for process, there is a possibility that the maximum potential for economic gain from marine fishing tourism is not reached. Pricing of salt-water recreational activities is a little studied issue in Norwegian tourism research. There is due to this little knowledge about the willingness to pay for services amongst the different categories of tourists visiting Norway from other European countries to take part in salt-water recreational fishing. This is an important issue, because if scarce marine resources are allocated to the tourism industry, it is important to secure that the economic contribution from this is as high as possible. In addition, it is important to know more about the willingness to pay when deciding upon management measures for fishing tourism, for instance what will be the willingness to pay under different management regimes.
Economy; Recreational fisheries;
Northen North Sea (27.IVa) Skagerrak, Kattegat (27.IIIa) Norwegian Sea (27.IIa)
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