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Last Update: 2019/11/26

Baltic EcoMussel
Commercial mussel farming, processing and end-use in the Baltic Sea Region
Interreg IV
Strand A
Central Baltic
Not Available
Carl Hamilton
NA - Kurzeme Planning Region (Latvia)LVIF - Latvian Environmental Investment Fund (Latvia)NA - Novia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
€ NA
Mussel farming is practiced in many EU countries and on the west coast of Sweden. In recent years, several pilot projects have studied whether commercial mussel farming is possible in the Baltic Sea. These research-led initiatives have demonstrated positive results, suggesting significant potential for job creation and numerous environmental benefits. However, many barriers stand in the way of large-scale commercialisation. To address these issues, partners from Finland, Latvia and Sweden have developed the BALTIC ECOMUSSEL project. The BALTIC ECOMUSSEL project represents a key step in the commercialisation of mussel farming, as it provides stakeholders with tools to enable upscaling across the Baltic Sea Region. Moreover, it includes a range of strategic analyses that will ensure that commercialisation of mussel farming is done in an efficient and sustainable manner. BALTIC ECOMUSSEL aims to help accelerate the adoption of mussel farming in the Baltic Sea Region by providing information and tools to support investments. This includes assessment of regulatory conditions and developing guidelines and business plans for farmers; assessment of market potential and socio-economic impacts of large-scale farming; establishing methodologies and routines for monitoring and evaluation of farms; and gathering, informing and training key stakeholders from the research community, aquaculture and end-user groups.
Aquaculture management; Mollusc; Bivalve; Sustainability; Mussel;
Skagerrak, Kattegat (27.IIIa) East of Gotland or Gulf of Riga (27.IIId.28) Bothnian Sea (27.IIId.30) West of Gotland (27.IIId.27) Gulf of Finland (27.IIId.32) Archipelago Sea (27.IIId. 29) Southern Central Baltic-East (27.IIId.26) Southern Central Baltic-West (27.IIId.25) Baltic West of Bornholm (27.IIId.24) Sound, Belt Sea or Transition Area (27.IIIb,c) Bothnian Bay (27.IIId.31)
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